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3 Ways to Have The BEST Wedding Entrance!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

After SO many countless weddings, we have seen the worst, the best and just the OK in wedding introductions...Here are 3 ways you can ensure you grand wedding entrance is LEGENDARY.


Always pick songs that are fun and high energy, we are always here to help with recommendations. We've guided so many brides and grooms in picking THE best songs that take their entrance to the next level.


Adding a last WOW factor really surprises the crowd and makes for EPIC pictures. You can sub this out for dry ice, fog, confetti, sparklers or even some crazy costumes. We've seen it all!


Having a good 'master of ceremony' means everything, we bring all the enthusiasm and strive to make your grand entrance as epic as possible. Building suspense is SO important to get the crowd waiting for that epic moment, let your DJ PUMP UP the bridal party, psych up the crowd until that moment comes of the grand entrance everyone's been waiting for...

Contact us for more Wedding Intro tips and tricks!

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